Legal Document

Title: Law on Environmental Protection
Type: Law
Issuing Agency: Parliament of Mongolia
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Issuing Date: 30-03-1995


30 March, 1995                                                                              Ulaanbaatar


Article 1. Purpose of the law

          1.1 The purpose of the law is to ensure citizens' right of living in healthy and safe environment, to coordinate social and economic development with the environment, to protect the environment in the interests of present and future generations, to use its resources properly, and to restore their natural potential. 

Article 14. Powers of the Government

         14.1. The Government shall exercise the following powers to protect the environment:
         14.1. to organize the development and implementation of a national program to protect the environment and ensure ecological security;

         14.2. to limit the amount of use, import and export of natural resources on the grounds specified by law or to prohibit them for a certain period of time;

          14.3. to suspend production and other activities of citizens, business entities and organizations that have a harmful impact on the health of the population and the environment, regardless of the form of ownership, taking into account the proposal of the state central administrative body and aimag and capital city governors;

         14.4. to organize border, customs and quarantine control over the export and import of animals and plants, as well as natural raw materials;

          14.6. to organize ecological education and upbringing of citizens;

         14.7. other powers provided by law.


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