Legal Document

Title: Law on Motor Vehicle
Type: Law
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Road and Transport Development
Responsible Agency: General Agency for Specialized Inspection
Issuing Date: 04-06-2010

4 June, 1999                                                                                                                 Ulaanbaatar





Article 1. Purpose of the law

           1.1. The purpose of this law is to determine the conditions and requirements for the transportation of goods and passengers by motor vehicles, and to regulate relations related to motor transport and the use of motor vehicles.

Article 12. Transportation prices and discounts

           12.1. The amount of passenger and cargo transportation shall be determined by the agreement concluded by the stakeholders.

Article 16. Transportation documents

            16.1. The member of the Government in charge of road transport shall approve the procedure for publishing and using documents related to transportation, such as road tickets and consignment notes.

Article 17. Technical inspection of motor vehicles

            17.4. Vehicles imported for use shall be subjected to technical diagnostics, registered in the state registry and assigned a number after meeting the requirements of the standard.

/ This part was added by the law in 5 May 2003 /

Article 22. Rights of the state inspector of road transport inspection

            22.1. The state inspector of road transport control shall have the following rights:

            22.1.1. To conduct inspections and implement administrative inspections in accordance with the directions specified in Article 21 of this Law;

            22.1.2. To exercise the general powers of the state inspector specified in the Law on State Inspection1, the Law on Administrative Liability2 and other legislation;

            22.1.3. During the implementation of the control over the implementation of the legislation, the vehicle shall be suspended and inspected and, if necessary, the driver's license, coupon and transportation documents of the vehicle shall be temporarily confiscated until the violation is resolved;

            22.1.4. In case of violation of road and road facilities that disrupted public transportation services and caused damage to vehicles and goods, issue a formal request to the relevant road organization and business entity to eliminate the violation;

            22.2. The state inspector of road transport inspection shall use uniform and insignia and be provided with necessary technical equipment to perform his / her inspection duties.

            The member of the Government in charge of road transport shall approve the design and insignia of the uniform of the state inspector of road transport inspection.


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