Legal Document

Title: Law on Licensing of Business Activities
Type: Law
Issuing Agency: Government of Mongolia
Responsible Agency: Parliament of Mongolia
Issuing Date: 01-02-2001


01 February, 2001                                                                          Government House, Ulaanbaatar



Article 1. Purpose of the law

           1.1. The purpose of this law is to regulate relations related to the issuance, suspension and revocation of licenses to conduct certain economic activities that may cause harm to the public interest, human health, the environment and the security of the country.

Article 8. Prohibited economic activities

            8.1. The following types of business activities are prohibited in the territory of Mongolia:

            8.1.1. production, import and sale of drugs, unless otherwise provided by law

            8.1.2. to organize, promote and support pornography in any form;

            8.1.3. to run a casino;

            8.1.4. The process of making a profit by cheating through a multi-level marketing or pyramid scheme.

            8.2. Article 8.1.3 of this law shall not apply to the legislation on free zones

Article 15. Types of licensed business activities

            15.4. In the field of finance and economics:

            15.4.7. to act as a customs broker;

            15.4.8. to operate in a customs bonded zone;

            15.5. In the field of law:

            15.5.2. To import firearms and ammunition and sell them to the public;

            15.5.3. To produce firearms and firearm-like devices;

            15.5.4. To produce and recharge firearm ammunition;

            15.5.5. To import firearm ammunition and sell it to the public;

            15.5.6. To conduct sports and training activities using firearms and ammunition;

            15.6. In the field of environment:

            15.6.1. to import, sell and use ozone-depleting substances and products containing them;

            15.6.3. import, export, transboundary movement, use, sale and destruction of toxic and hazardous chemicals other than explosives;

            15.6.7. To import, sell and provide services for toxic and hazardous chemicals that may cause significant harm to the environment.

            15.10. In the field of production and trade:

            15.10.4. To import, export, manufacture explosives and explosive devices, to produce and import pyrotechnic devices, to use them for entertainment purposes, and to carry out blasting works;

            15.10.12. import of alcohol.

            15.10.17. Import all types of fuel and engage in wholesale and retail trade.

            15.11.1. planting tobacco plants and producing tobacco;

            15.11.4. manufacture and import of veterinary drugs and medical devices;

            15.11.6. to import and sell substances used for plant protection;

            15.11.7. To create new breeds and strains of animals, to produce seeds, ovaries and embryos, to introduce them into services, to cultivate microorganisms, to export livestock and breeding products abroad, to import livestock and animals for improvement;

            15.12. In the field of health:

            15.12.2. manufacture, sale and import of human drugs, medical devices, tools, equipment and prostheses;

            15.12.4. to manufacture, trade, import and export narcotic and psychotropic drugs and their precursors;

            15.12.6. to incubate, multiply, store, store, transport, sell and smuggle pathogenic bacteria and their toxins across the state border;

            15.12.9. To provide services for import, production and supply of biologically active products;

            15.18. In the field of radioactive minerals and nuclear energy:

            15.18.4. To import, export, transport nuclear waste and bury the waste;

            15.18.7. Import, export, transport radioactive minerals, bury waste and rehabilitate land after mining;

            15.18.8. Possession, use, sale, installation, placement, lease, production, decommissioning, disassembly, storage, transportation, import, export, burial of waste, safety and other related activities of radiation generators.

            15.19. In the field of defense:

            15.19.1. To export and import weapons, equipment and firearms for military purposes;

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List Measures/Standards

Name Description Status Measures/Standards Measure Class
Registration for veterinary drug importation Registration required prior to import of veterinary drug Active Measure Goods
Special Permit to importing and manufacturing a veterinary drugs and medical equipment Special Permit is required prior to importing and manufacturing the veterinary drug and medical devices Active Measure Goods
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