Legal Document

Title: The Genetically Modified Organism Law
Type: Law
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Issuing Date: 28-06-2007



June 28, 2007  Ulaanbaatar city









Article 1. Purpose of the Law

            1.1. The purpose of this Law is to regulate the relations in respect of producing, handling and use of living modified organisms, its trans-boundary movement through the state border and protection of bio-safety within the state territory..


Article 6. Trans-boundary movement of living modified organisms

            6.1. The state administrative authority responsible for nature and environment shall issue the licenses to export, import and transit the living modified organisms to individuals, business entities and organizations based on National Committee recommendation provided the licenses are not permissible to be transferred to any other party.

            6.4.1. The notification of importing party or the recommendation on completion of risk assessment on the living modified organisms by the accredited and competent scientific establishment of the importing or exporting country Government;


Article 7 General requirements on trans-boundary movement of living modified organism, its prohibition, suspension and destroying.

            7.1. The relevant provisions of the Law on Quarantine and Verification of trans-boundary movement of animals and plants or commodities and raw materials originated thereof shall apply on general requirements for trans-boundary movement of living modified organism, its prohibition, suspension and destroying.

            7.2. Operations of destroying or detoxification of living modified organisms proved to have adverse effects following risk assessment shall be carried out under the control of the state inspector.

Article 8 Border check point for living modified organisms trans-boundary movement

            8.1. The Government shall determine the border check point for the living modified organisms' trans-boundary movement based on the National Committee recommendation.


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List Measures/Standards

Name Description Status Measures/Standards Measure Class
Special Permit Requirement for Import, Export, and Transit of The Genetically Modified Organism Permits for export, import and transit of GMOs shall be issued to citizens, business entities and organizations by the state central administrative body in charge of environment based on the conclusion of the National Committee. Active Measure Goods
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