Legal Document

Title: The Food Law, 2012
Type: Law
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Light Industry
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Light Industry
Issuing Date: 20-12-2012



December 20, 2012  Ulaanbaatar city



/Revised version/






Article 1. Purpose of the Law

            1.1.The purpose  of this Law is to ensure food necessities of the population for provide them with safety and quality, nutritious food and to regulate relations that arise between the government, individuals and legal entities in connection with the food production and services.


Article 6. Food resources
            6.8. The State Central Administrative Body Responsible for Food Matters shall issue permits for export and import of strategic food in accordance with the procedures approved by the Government within the amount specified in Article 6.7 of this Law.


Article 11. Requirements for food export and import

            11.1 Food shall be exported and imported only by legal entities registered in Mongolia.

            11.3. The importer is not registered in accordance with Article 16 of this Law, internationally used identification marks, unmarked concentrates, food additives, pure microbial culture assets (hereinafter referred to as “culture assets”), food produced by organic and new technologies, 7.2. It is prohibited to import food from genetically modified organisms that have not been registered in accordance with

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List Measures/Standards

Name Description Status Measures/Standards Measure Class
Export and Import Permit requirement for Food A traders wishing to import and export the food into Mongolia. The permit must be acquired prior to the import, export of the food from the Ministry of food, agriculture and light industry. Active Measure Goods
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