Legal Document

Title: Rail Transport Law
Type: Law
Issuing Agency: Parliament of Mongolia
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Road and Transport Development
Issuing Date: 05-07-2007


July 5, 2007,                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Ulaanbaatar




Article 1. Purpose of the law
1.1. This law defines the principles of railway transport operations and to regulate relations related to ensuring traffic safety.

Article 2. Legislation on railway transportation
Legislation on railway transport shall comprise the Constitution of Mongolia, this law and other legislative acts enacted in conformity with them.
2.2. If an international treaty to which Mongolia is a party provides otherwise than this law, the provisions of the international treaty shall prevail.

Article 4. Scope of the law
4.1. This law shall regulate all types of railway transport activities regardless of the type and form of ownership.

Article 7. Railway transport tariffs and fees
7.1. The railway authority shall set fees and tariffs for railway transport services related to natural monopolies and market-dominated works and services under this law and the Law on Prohibition of Unfair Competition.
7.2. Tariffs for international railway transportation shall be set in accordance with international agreements of Mongolia.
7.3 Tariff changes shall be announced to the public at least 10 days before they come into force.

Article 26. Transportation of dangerous goods, operation and protection of dangerous facilities.
26.1. Buildings and structures of the place of production, storage, loading, unloading and transfer of dangerous goods (hereinafter referred to as “dangerous facilities”) shall be located at a safe distance from the infrastructure. The state central administrative body in charge shall approve.
26.2. The owner of a hazardous facility shall be responsible for its safety and shall immediately notify the infrastructure owner in the event of an accident or injury related to the hazardous facility.
26.3. The consignor and consignee shall ensure the safety of dangerous goods during preparation, loading and unloading for transportation by rail.
26.4. The owner of the infrastructure and the carrier shall be obliged to take part in the elimination of the consequences of accidents, catastrophes and defects during the transportation of dangerous goods using their fire and reconstruction equipment.

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List Measures/Standards

Name Description Status Measures/Standards Measure Class
Special Permit Requirement for Railway Transport Service Citizens and legal entities participating in railway transport relations in the territory of Mongolia has been obtained to special permit. Active Measure Goods
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