Legal Document

Title: Customs clearance procedure for refusal to receive goods, goods destruction and goods of international transportation service
Type: Order
Issuing Agency: Customs General Administration
Responsible Agency: Customs General Administration
Issuing Date: 22-10-2008


APPROVAL OF PROCEDURE / Procedure for implementation of customs clearance procedure for refusal to accept goods /

October 22, 2008                                                      Ulaanbaatar 

 Number 680

Pursuant to Article 79.7 of the Customs Law of Mongolia and the decision of the meeting of the Professional Council of the State Customs General Administration dated October 9, 2008, ORDER:
1. “Procedure for implementation of customs clearance procedure for refusal to accept goods”
“Procedure for Implementation of Customs Clearance Procedures for Destruction of Goods” No. 2,
Approve the “Procedure for Implementation of Customs Clearance Procedures for Crossing the Customs Border of Goods for International Transportation Services” in accordance with Annex 3.
2. The Control and Risk Management Department shall organize the implementation of this order and provide guidance to the relevant customs offices and committees / D. Let Oyunchimeg / be responsible.
3. To instruct the Information Technology Center /B.Tsog/ to submit the newly approved customs clearance procedure code to the GAMAS classification database by December 1, 2008.
4. This order shall come into force on January 2, 2009.


                                                                      CHAIRMAN           D. Tseveenjav


                                   Registered in the state registry on January 6, 2009 under number 2985

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List Measures/Standards

Name Description Status Measures/Standards Measure Class
Customs clearance procedure for refusal to accept goods According to the Article 202-207 of the Customs Law, goods refused to receive shall be declared under this customs clearance procedure approved by Annex 1 to the Order No. 680 of 2008 of the Chairman of the Customs General Administration. The goods placed under the procedure shall be transferred to the state ownership by writing “Transfer sheet to the state revenue” Active Measure Goods
Customs procedure for destruction of goods If the goods are damaged during the Customs control, do not meet the quality requirements, and are determined to be harmful to health, hygiene and the environment by the conclusion of the relevant professional organization, they shall be destroyed under the Customs control. - Goods other than the following may be placed in the destruction regime: - Historical and cultural monuments; - Endangered species of fauna and flora and their derivatives /except for cases of highly contagious human and animal diseases/; - Customs and other tax pledged goods; - Property seized or sealed in accordance with the relevant law; - Other goods prohibited for destruction by the Customs legislation Active Measure Goods
Customs clearance procedure of goods for international transportation services This measure regulates customs clearance procedure for the clearance of goods for international transport services- The following goods shall be placed in the procedure of goods for international transportation service: - Goods to ensure normal operation and maintenance of vehicles during international travel; - Goods to be used by passengers and crew members during the trip; - Goods that are in the shop mode of duty-free goods to be sold for passengers. Active Measure Goods
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