Legal Document

Title: Law on Toxic and Hazardous Chemicals
Type: Law
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Issuing Date: 25-05-2006


25 May, 2006                                                                                    Ulaanbaatar



Article 1 The purpose of the law

        1.1. The purpose of this law is to regulate relations related to export, import , transportation and production, storage, sale, transportation, use, destruction and control of toxic and hazardous chemicals across the border of Mongolia.

Article 2. Legislation

        2.1. Legislation on toxic and hazardous chemicals is prohibited by the Constitution of Mongolia 1 , the Law on Environmental Protection 2 , the Law on Business Licensing 3 , the Law on Environmental Impact Assessment 4 , and the prohibition of import and transboundary movement of hazardous waste . , Law on Export 5 , Law on Household and Industrial Waste 6 , Law on Controlling the Circulation of Explosives and Explosive Devices 7 , Law on Disaster Protection 8 , this Law and other legislative acts enacted in conformity therewith.

Article 3 Legal terminology

        3.1. The following terms used in this law shall have the following meanings:

        3.1.1. "Toxic chemicals" means chemicals and their compounds that have a harmful effect on human health, the environment, livestock and animals, resulting in death or destruction;

        3.1.2. "Chemical hazardous substances" means chemicals with explosive, flammable, corrosive, oxidizing and irritating properties and their combinations;

        3.1.3. "Prohibited chemicals" means toxic and hazardous chemicals and their compounds prohibited for use in the territory of Mongolia;

        3.1.4. "Restricted chemicals" means toxic and hazardous chemicals and their combinations that are permitted to be used only in the permitted areas, under certain controls in accordance with the specified purpose, amount and technology;

        3.1.5. "Pesticide" means a chemical and its combination intended to protect livestock, animals and plants from any diseases, pests, rodents and weeds;

        3.1.6. "Toxic and hazardous chemical wastes" means toxic and hazardous chemicals prohibited for use by international treaties, as well as expired or non-compliant or non-compliant, as well as toxic and hazardous chemicals, their residues and containers; packaging;

        3.1.7. "Disposal of toxic and hazardous chemicals" means the disposal of toxic and hazardous chemicals and their wastes in a non-toxic and safe manner;

        3.1.8. "Risk assessment" means the study and assessment of potential adverse effects on human health, the environment, livestock and animals during the handling of hazardous and toxic chemicals and their compounds, and the determination of measures to be taken to prevent and reduce adverse effects;

        3.1.9. "Permissible level" means the maximum concentration of toxic and hazardous chemicals that do not adversely affect human health and the environment.


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List Measures/Standards

Name Description Status Measures/Standards Measure Class
Special Permit requirement for export of toxic chemicals and hazardous substances Citizens, business entities and organizations shall obtain permission to export toxic chemicals and hazardous substances. Active Measure Goods
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