Legal Document

Title: Law on Energy
Type: Law
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Energy
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Energy
Issuing Date: 01-02-2001


01 Feb, 2001                                                                                    Ulaanbaatar



Article 1. Purpose of the law

        1.1 The purpose of this law is to regulate the relations arising in connection with the production, transmission, distribution, dispatching and supply of energy using energy resources, construction of energy facilities and energy consumption.

Article 6. The State Central Administrative Body

        6. Powers of the State Central Administrative Body

        6.1.The State Central Administrative Body Responsible for Energy Matters shall exercise the following powers:

        6.1.12. Develop state policy on the use, import and export of energy and its resources, and construction of energy sources and networks.

Article 10. National Dispatching Center

        10.1. The National Dispatching Center shall be a holder of a license to import, export and regulate energy through the integrated network.

Article 12. License to conduct business and its issuance

        12.1. A legal entity shall carry out the following activities on the basis of a license issued by an authorized organization:

        12.1.10. Import and export electricity;

Article 15. Dispatcher coordination license

        15.2.8. Planning and implementation of electricity transmission services for import and export purposes


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Download Mongolian (Mongolia): Эрчим хүчний тухай хууль
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