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Procedure NameCustoms clearance procedure for destruction of goods


Customs clearance

Responsible Agency       

Name: Customs General Administration

Address: Customs General Administration Building,

Ikh Toiruu 81/1, Sukhbaatar District,

Ulaanbaatar-14193, Mongolia



Phone: (+976) 11 350049

Fax: (+976) 11 350048

Legal base of the Procedure                                                                                                                                                  

Order No. 680 of the Chairman of the Customs General Administration

Article 79.9 of Law on Customs



Required Documents


Type of information



Written request to the customs to place the goods in the procedure for destruction of goods

Documents necessary for declaration


If necessary, conclusion of the relevant professional organization and the permission of the competent authority that authorized the destruction of the goods

Process Steps


Submit necessary documents to Customs via email, fax and customs information network


Process documents received. If necessary, Customs request to submit other relevant documents


Stamps “Approved by customs of Mongolia” on declaration


The destruction commission appointed by the customs shall carry out the destruction activities


  • If the original intention of the destroyed goods has been changed and it can be used for other purposes, it shall be transferred to subsequent users with the permission of the central customs authority and transferred from the destruction procedure to another customs clearance procedure


  • Wastes and residues generated during the destruction of goods that can be used for other purposes shall be kept under customs control in the same way as imported and exported goods, and a customs declaration shall be made


  1. The owner of the goods shall be responsible for any expenses incurred in connection with the implementation of the destruction procedure.
  2. The following items will be placed in this procedure:
  • Foreign goods that have deteriorated during the Customs control, have failed to meet quality requirements, and have been found to be harmful to hygiene, health or the environment by the relevant professional organization;
  • Foreign goods prohibited from entering the country within 3 days from the customs control zone or temporary warehouse and not returned abroad. 
  1. According to Article 210 of the Customs Law, no customs or other taxes shall be imposed on goods placed under this procedure


The following form/s are used in this procedure
TitleDescriptionCreated DateUpdated DateIssued By
This form shall be used as a proof of destruction of goods placed under customs clearance procedure of goods destruction14-09-202014-09-2020Customs General AdministrationThis is Dowload File
This procedure applies to the following measures
NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity ToMeasure Class
Customs procedure for destruction of goods Permit RequirementCustoms General AdministrationIf the goods are damaged during the Customs control, do not meet the quality requirements, and are determined to be harmful to health, hygiene and the environment by the conclusion of the relevant professional organization, they shall be destroyed under the Customs control. - Goods other than the following may be placed in the destruction regime: - Historical and cultural monuments; - Endangered species of fauna and flora and their derivatives /except for cases of highly contagious human and animal diseases/; - Customs and other tax pledged goods; - Property seized or sealed in accordance with the relevant law; - Other goods prohibited for destruction by the Customs legislation This measure may apply to all commodities classified under the Harmonized Commodity Identification and Coding System. Therefore, this measure is not linked to any commodities.Customs clearance procedure for refusal to receive goods, goods destruction and goods of international transportation service 09-09-9999Good