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Procedure NameCustoms clearance procedure for domestic transit of goods


Customs clearance regime

Responsible Agency    

Name: Customs General Administration

Address: Customs General Administration Building,

Ikh Toiruu 81/1, Sukhbaatar District,

Ulaanbaatar-14193, Mongolia



Phone: (+976) 11 350049

Fax: (+976) 11 350048

Legal base of the Procedure   

Order No.679 of Chairman of Customs General Administration

Law on Customs


- Customs clearance-7,000 MNT;

- Additional declaration-each 1,200 MNT;

- Writing cargo manifest-each 3,000 MNT

Required Documents


Type of information



Cargo manifest

Documents necessary for declaration in addition to documents reflected in Article 35 of Law on Customs


Transport documents


Trade documents


Other supporting documents

Process Steps


In the transit cargo code 842-845, the first customs office shall stamp the check mark “Under customs control” and send it to the other customs office


The Customs reviews and registers all documents.


The movement of goods across the Mongolian border or placement under another regime shall terminate the transit procedure.


1. Goods to be placed under the domestic transit procedure shall be transported by a carrier business entity or organization accredited by the central customs authority.

2. A carrier business entity or organization accredited by the central customs authority shall transport goods through the customs territory within the time period set by the customs authority.

3. A carrier business entity or organization shall fulfill the obligations specified in Article 38 of the Customs Law.

4. Goods to be placed in the domestic transit mode shall meet the following requirements:

  • The customs shall be able to control the goods;
  • The customs authority shall be able to make markings for customs purposes;
  • The goods shall be in their original condition with no changes other than the standard depreciation during storage and transportation.

5. No customs or other taxes shall be levied on the transit of goods.

6. Transit of goods requiring special conditions of transportation and storage, such as explosives, hazardous and especially toxic chemicals, shall require the permission of the relevant authority.

7. If necessary, the customs authority shall obtain a guarantee to pay customs and other taxes from the carrier business entity or organization in accordance with the Customs Tariff and Customs Tax Law.



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NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity ToMeasure Class
Customs clearance regime of domestic transit of goodsPermit RequirementCustoms General AdministrationGoods to be transported from one to other customs offices for their control shall be placed under this regime. First clearance customs office shall stamp the check mark “Under customs control” on the cargo manifest and send it to other customs offices. This customs clearance regime is approved by Annex 2 to Resolution #679 of the Chairman of the Customs General Administration of 2008 based on Article 79.7 of Law on Customs. Note: - Goods to be declared under this regime should be goods transporting from one to other customs offices. - Customs clearance codes are 842-845 available on the resolution. - Customs will not levy customs tariffs and duties. - Carrier of the goods should be accredited by the customs of Mongolia.Procedure for implementation of customs clearance procedure for transit of goods between countries 09-09-9999Good