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Procedure NameCustoms clearance procedure for return of goods to customs territory


Customs clearance

Responsible Agency       

Name: Customs General Administration

Address: Customs General Administration Building,

Ikh Toiruu 81/1, Sukhbaatar District,

Ulaanbaatar-14193, Mongolia



Phone: (+976) 11 350049

Fax: (+976) 11 350048

Legal base of the Procedure                                                                                                                                                  

Annex 4 to Order No.A/40 of Chairman of Customs and Tax General Administration


 Customs clearance - 7,000 MNT

Required Documents


Type of information



International trade contract, or invoice, international payment documents

Documents necessary for declaration are reflected in Article 60.3 of Law on Customs and Article 3.1 of Annex 5 to Order No.A/40 of Customs and Taxation General Administration


Shipment documents, packing list, technical specification/documents


Certificate of origin


Licenses, permission, certificates issued by responsible agencies


If the goods are excluded from tax partially and/or fully, documents proofing it issued by responsible agencies


Laboratory testing results, if needed


Customs clearance documents submitted during export of the goods


Other necessary documents

Process Steps


The declarant submits all necessary documents to Customs of Mongolia


The Customs reviews all documents. If necessary, customs ask more related documents


Declarant is responsible on validating goods are not changed and customs conduct inspection on it. If necessary, customs ask professional organization’s assessment report


Customs inspector stamps "Approved by customs of Mongolia" on declaration of goods in case of goods are not changed.

If goods exported permanently to abroad has changes, it shall be transferred to another customs clearance procedure. If goods are processed in abroad, customs determine customs valuation and levy taxes.


Customs repay tax paid during export of the goods under temporary export and/or export for processing goods


Return of the goods or transfer goods to another customs clearance procedure


  1. Goods reflected in Article 109.1 of the Law on Customs shall be declared according to this customs clearance procedure.
  2. In order to declare goods under this clearance procedure, customs clearance codes should be used reflected in this procedure.
  3. If goods declared under this procedure are proven as Mongolian good, customs doesn’t levy customs tariff and tax.  
  4. If changes except generic depreciation occurred to goods sent abroad, this goods have to be declared according to other relevant customs clearance procedures.


The following form/s are used in this procedure
TitleDescriptionCreated DateUpdated DateIssued By
Declarant uses customs clearance declaration for declaring goods to customs of Mongolia13-08-202013-08-2020Customs General AdministrationThis is Dowload File
Invoice and packing list are one of key forms for customs clearance13-08-202030-11-2020DeclarantThis is Dowload File
This procedure applies to the following measures
NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity ToMeasure Class
Customs clearance approval to return of goods to customs territoryPermit RequirementCustoms General AdministrationCustoms clearance procedure of goods for return of goods to customs territory shall be used for declaration of goods reflected in Article 109.1 of the Law on Customs. If customs approve the declaration, customs inspector stamps "Approved by customs of Mongolia".The Resolution A/40 of the Chairman of the Customs and Taxation General Administration approved this customs clearance procedure by its Annex 5 based on Article 79.7 of Law on Customs. Keep in mind: - Trader should use 600-641 customs codes under declaration for “Customs clearance procedure of goods for return of goods to customs territory”. So please find detailed information from Resolution A/40 of 2016.Customs clearance procedures for import of goods31-12-2050Good