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NameSpecial Permit Requirement for Railway Transport Service
DescriptionCitizens and legal entities participating in railway transport relations in the territory of Mongolia has been obtained to special permit.
CommentsThis law defines the principles of railway transport operations and to regulate relations related to ensuring traffic safety.
Validity From05-07-2007
Validity To09-09-9999
ReferenceArticle 16.2 of the Law on Railway Transportation
Technical Code
AgencyMinistry of Road and Transport Development
Created Date2020-09-06 05:57:14
Updated Date2020-11-14 09:02:54
Measure TypePermit Requirement
Legal/RegulationRail Transport Law
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Special Permit for Railway Transport Service The special permit granting process for the railway transportation activities in the territory of Mongolia.TransitView


This measure applies to commodity/s
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HS CodeDescription
Railway and tramway maintenance or service vehicles, whether or not self-propelled (for example, workshops, cranes, ballast tampers, trackliners, testing coaches and track inspection vehicles).
Railway or tramway passenger coaches, not self-propelled; luggage vans, post office coaches and other special purpose railway or tramway coaches, not self-propelled (excluding those of heading 86.04).
- Other: -- Covered and closed
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