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NameLicense requirement for importing an animal feed additives
DescriptionIn order to import Animal Feed supplements to Mongolia, a person must fulfill all Licensing requirements. The state central administrative body in charge of animal health shall issue a permit for the import of additional animal feed.
CommentsIf a business entity or organization is not registered in the state registry using its import permit, does not have a quality assurance and conformity certificate has expired 3/4 of its validity period, and has attempted, introduced, sold or used a feed additive with false documents, The import permit shall be revoked. The model of the permit for additional import of feed shall be approved by the head of the state central administrative body in charge of animal health.
Validity From10-12-2019
Validity To31-12-9999
ReferenceRegistration and Sale Of Animal Feed Supplements Import Permission Procedure-2019, Order A-456
Technical Code
AgencyGeneral Authority for Veterinary Services
Created Date2020-07-14 07:15:51
Updated Date2020-12-11 00:13:41
Measure TypeLicensing Requirement
Legal/RegulationApproval of Procedure for registration, sale, withdrawal and issuance of import permits for animal feed additives, 2019 No А-456
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License for importing a animal feed additivesThis procedure explains the issuance of the license for animal feed additives.ImportView


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- Dog or cat food, put up for retail sale
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