Law on Waste


The main purpose of this law is to reduce, sort, collect, transport, store, reuse, recycle, reuse, dispose of, export waste and to regulate relations related to the prohibition of import and transit of hazardous waste.

Updated on : 21-10-2020

Law on Waste



May 12, 2017                                                                                                                                                                     Ulaanbaatar city




/ Revised version /





Article 1 The purpose of the law

1.1. The purpose of the present law is to regulate relations arising from prevention from and reduction of negative impact of waste on public health and environment, reduction, sorting, collection, transportation, storage, reuse, recycling, regeneration, elimination and export of waste, obtaining economic benefits from waste for efficient use of natural resources, improving public knowledge on waste and prohibition of import and cross-border transportation of hazardous waste.


Article 2. Waste legislation

2.1 Legislation on waste management shall consist of the Constitution of Mongolia, Environmental Protection Law, Law on Environmental Impact Assessment, Law on Toxic Chemical and Hazardous substances, Law of Mongolia on Air Pollution Payment, Law of Mongolia on Air, Law of Mongolia on Water Pollution Payment, Law of Mongolia on Water, Law of Mongolia on Sanitation, Law of Mongolia on Urban Water Supply and Utilization of Sanitation Sewerage, this Law and other acts of legislation enacted in conformity therewith.

2.2. If an international agreement to which Mongolia is a party provides otherwise than this Law, then the former shall prevail.


Article 3 Scope of the law

3.1.This Law shall govern relations arising from the following types of waste:

3.1.1. Regular solid waste

3.1.2. Gaseous, liquid and solid hazardous waste excluding radioactive wastes.


Article 38 Export of hazardous waste

38.1. Individuals, business entities and organizations may export hazardous waste.

38.2. Permission for hazardous waste export shall be issued by the State administrative body in charge of environmental matters in following circumstances:

38.2.1. Entity has no equipment or specialized machinery for hazardous waste processing and disposal;

38.2.2. Hazardous waste import is permitted in a receiving country;

38.3. Application for permission of hazardous waste export shall be done in written form and include the following documents:

38.3.1. Agreement signed by the hazardous waste Importer and Importer’s request in written form;

38.3.2. Permission for import of hazardous waste issued to the Importer by authorized body of the importing country.

38.3.3. In case if hazardous waste is transported across territory of a country other than exporting and importing countries, a permission or notification about transit of hazardous waste issued by an authorized body of a transit country.

38.4 Exported hazardous waste shall be packaged, labeled and marked in accordance with internationally accepted standards and regulations and shall have accompanying documents.

38.5 Hazardous waste shall be transported in compliance with requirements as stated on international conventions and regulations.

Article 39. Prohibition of import and cross-border transportation of hazardous waste

39.1 Import of hazardous waste to Mongolia for use, storage, temporary storage or disposal is prohibited.

39.2 Transportation of hazardous waste through Mongolia is prohibited.




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